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Finding a Dentist


I see it everywhere, I’m sure you do as well.  In fact…no kidding…as I’m writing this exact sentence there is a commercial on TV about finding a dentist.  One of those 1-800 services.  How timely!  I guess it’s gotten extremely difficult to find one you can trust your family’s comfort and health to, or maybe it’s just because there is so  much research available these days people have a bit of analysis paralysis about actually making a decision.

There’s a new site you might want to check out – Dental Georgia – which makes this easier.  Go to their site, click on the city you are looking in, and take a look at the dentists that are listed there.  The dentists on this page have been vetted and you can be sure they are doing good work and are appreciated by their customer base.  In today’s world, online comments and recommendations are ruling the day and the dentists listed on this website have good recommendations – and quite a few of them.

They also have a blog that covers important information.  As of the time of this writing, they only a have a few posts but they are well worth reading and, I’m sure, we can expect more good info from them in the near future.

Just as a quick example, one of their blog posts talks about toothpaste.  On the surface, you might have a hard time finding a more boring topic.  Yet their post goes into great detail about the different types of toothpastes and how they can help you based on your specfic requirements.  Who would have thought there was that much useful information about toothpaste?

In another post they have a great infographic that discusses a child’s first visit to the dentist – when it should occur, how to set expectations, how act, etc.  Again, very informative and very useful informations from your friends at Dental Georgia.

Be sure to check them out!