Professional Pressure Cleaning in Newnan, Georgia

November 7th, 2015

Power Washing and Gutter Cleaning in Newnan, Ga

Well, yes, it’s that time of the year.  The leaves have fallen and it’s time to get them off the ground, off your roof, and out of the gutters.  A clean roof helps keep your gutters clean and clean gutters help preserve the value of your home or building.

If you are a home owner, you should be aware of the value of your home and how a good, clean gutter system helps to preserve that value. As leaves clutter up your gutters, water runs less efficiently and even spills over the sides.  This causes pools of water to gather in unintended places along the foundation of your property. This can allow water to find it’s way into places it wasn’t mean to get…like your basement.  Water spilling down the sides of the gutters also means it’s running down the side of your home – again, this is a less than optimum condition and will, over time, cause your siding undo damage and make it look old before it’s time.  Keeping the gutters clean and free of obstructions like dirt, leaves and debris is a critical piece of home maintenance.  You can do this yourself or you can hire a professional.  If you choose to do it yourself, know that there are some areas of concern you must be prepared for.  Heights, of course depending on the building itself, are a primary reason many people turn this job over to professionals.  Also, it’s very common for bees, wasps, spiders and other irritating creatures to make their homes in dirty gutters so as you’re cleaning the gutters, be on the lookout for these guys.  Obviously, the two (heights and insects) don’t mix well – running into a wasp nest when you’re three stories up is a very dangerous situation.

Aside from gutter cleaning, you should consider a good pressure washing for your building’s siding, driveway, sidewalks, decks, etc.  The same person who cleans your gutters will probably provide this service too and it’s money well paid for.  Seldom does a home or business owner not show a lot of surprise after their first pressure washing – the before and after pictures are amazing and will keep you coming back year after year. Power cleaning sidewalks is also important as it keeps them free of dirt, grime and even mold which presents a slippery surface.  Many people every year are injured by slipping and falling on unclean sidewalks and if you own a business it may be your responsibility to ensure this is not a problem.

So that’s it – clean your gutters and pressure wash your siding, decks, sidewalks, parking lots, etc.  Or have a professional do it with the right tools and experience to make sure it’s done completely and without damage to anything.


Finding a Dentist

October 8th, 2015

I see it everywhere, I’m sure you do as well.  In fact…no kidding…as I’m writing this exact sentence there is a commercial on TV about finding a dentist.  One of those 1-800 services.  How timely!  I guess it’s gotten extremely difficult to find one you can trust your family’s comfort and health to, or maybe it’s just because there is so  much research available these days people have a bit of analysis paralysis about actually making a decision.

There’s a new site you might want to check out – Dental Georgia – which makes this easier.  Go to their site, click on the city you are looking in, and take a look at the dentists that are listed there.  The dentists on this page have been vetted and you can be sure they are doing good work and are appreciated by their customer base.  In today’s world, online comments and recommendations are ruling the day and the dentists listed on this website have good recommendations – and quite a few of them.

They also have a blog that covers important information.  As of the time of this writing, they only a have a few posts but they are well worth reading and, I’m sure, we can expect more good info from them in the near future.

Just as a quick example, one of their blog posts talks about toothpaste.  On the surface, you might have a hard time finding a more boring topic.  Yet their post goes into great detail about the different types of toothpastes and how they can help you based on your specfic requirements.  Who would have thought there was that much useful information about toothpaste?

In another post they have a great infographic that discusses a child’s first visit to the dentist – when it should occur, how to set expectations, how act, etc.  Again, very informative and very useful informations from your friends at Dental Georgia.

Be sure to check them out!



Favorite Site

July 18th, 2015

My favourite web page

If you haven’t visited 60Kjobs yet, you should.  A good web page committed to assisting people today uncover jobs that need neither comprehensive expertise nor a university schooling.

Verify it out!

Planning a birthday party

June 25th, 2015

Ready to Have a Bouncing Good Time

We’ve discovered there are a lot of people searching for bounce house rentals Atlanta, GA recently, and we’re not unhappy that so a lot of people are making bounce houses a part of these parties! You happen to be on the fence as to whether or not you should, and for those who haven’t rented one before, then we wish to assure you that they actually are one of the very best outdoor toys you can get to your next celebration.

Don’t Just Take It From Us

We know they’re great, but we get a great deal of feedback that is great about these bounce houses, which boosts our assurance that they play an important role at any party they are a part of.

What The Grownups Are Saying About Them

One of the very common things we hear are may sometimes for the whole day in the event you let them, and that the children enjoy rebounding all day at a time. That makes this an active toy providing you with a lot of exercise in this video game playing and TV viewing world. Because if their friends are doing it, they wish to at the same time, the fact that many children can rebound at once motivates every child to participate.

Adults consistently say that their kids usually do not fight while they are playing in the bounce house, although some games may cause kids to break out into fights. We imagine there are two reasons because of this. First, a bounce house causes children to play together, and also the laughter and fun any negative feelings have been scarcely provoked by them. Second, children are really so busy playing that they don’t have time to fight!

Yet another thing that adults adore is the safety factor. Unlike trampolines, grownups can rest assured that their kids are safe inside of it because it is enclosed.

It lets them play with games and use their imagination.

Kids of ages can quickly get to playing and bouncing and getting the fun they really wish to get at a celebration or event.

Their bash is liked by the other kids! There’s not anything worse than having a bash where the other children are lacking fun, but with a bounce house, the kid ‘hosting’ the party becomes quite popular since the guests all have so much fun. We’ve heard of neighborhood children who weren’t invited to the party attempting to join the fun.

It alters the setting of the lawn. Does it feel like ‘just’ their backyard, but it feels like a magical carnival that suddenly appears inside their backyard, and this really is exciting for any kid of any age.

In the end, a bounce house is a great addition to any celebration. When you search for ‘bounce houses Atlanta, GA’, you are aware that you’re looking for something which will please both the adults and the kids alike.

SEO Fundamentals

May 22nd, 2015

Reviewing Fundamentals In SEO To Achieve Higher Rankings

The search engines are constantly changing and this is necessary primarily because a successful search engine will only succeed if the results are relevant to the searcher. The moment the results seem to contain garbage websites, a searcher will find their information elsewhere. The big search engines are constantly aware of this and thus create computer algorithms that allow them to filter the results as best possible. The more relevant the results, the more money advertisers will continue to pay to be included in these results. This is how the search engines make money. People or companies that specialize in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are constantly trying to figure out the best ways to optimize their websites and strategy in order to appear higher in the rankings. In the end, the ones whom are successful follow some fundamentals we will discuss in this article.

Proper On-site Optimization And Content

“Content Is King”, is how the saying goes amongst internet marketers and that is exactly what searchers and the search engines want. Visitors should be engaged with the content on the website and continue to progress deeper into it to find even better information. The best situation is a consistent flow of returning visitors because of the wealth of knowledge you freely give out. Gone are the days of simply stuffing keywords and hoping for the best.

Content doesn’t have to be just text either. Online videos embedded onto the page will suffice to satisfy the search engines and have been proven to be more engaging for visitors as well, resulting in much longer on-site time which impacts an important metric known as “bounce” rates, which is how fast or not a person leaves your website. The lower the bounce rate, the better your ranking. Figuring out ways to increase the length of time onsite visitors remain on your website through good content should be a priority.

Optimizing your meta tags (Title, Description, Keywords) will make a difference. Concentrate on including your desired keywords in your tags but also minimizing any stuffing, with 3 keywords being the maximum to stay within reasonable guidelines. Adding some compelling copy to your title tags can entice a visitor when they see your website in the results, so test this carefully. Sometimes the higher click-through rate of a less optimized tag can give you better results compared to a higher ranking.

Increasing Incoming Anchor Text Variety

The latest algorithm updates focused quite a bit on professional SEO’s whose primary tactic was to increase the number of anchor text links that contained the desired keywords to rank. This was an easy sign for the search engines to identify a non-natural link profile so the way to work around that in today’s environment is to vary up the anchor text by including random terms like “click here” or “check it out” and mixing in some synonyms of your targeted keyword. This has the effect of de-optimizing your link profile and making things appear more natural.

As one see, ranking a website through SEO is an ongoing process with the need to be on top of your game. Understanding good fundamentals and having things progress more naturally as mentioned above will ensure you achieve high rankings for many years to come.

Do or die – rules of web design

May 4th, 2015

The 10 Do-Or-Die Rules of Web Design

1. Always KISS

The saying goes “Keep It Simple, Stupid.” The biggest mistake is to overload a site, especially on its index page. Be clear and concise. As an example look to the world’s most successful sites such as Google or Facebook. You only have a few second to engage the visitor. Make the most of it.

2. Be “Übersichtlich”

Yeah, you don’t have to try to pronounce it. It’s a German word that basically means for something to be easily understood by looking at it once. You know what you are looking for right away and know where you need to go at a glance. Now apply this concept to web design. Got it? Good. It doesn’t take an Übermensch to be übersichtlich.

3. Content is King

No matter how simple your site is, it still needs content. Even if you have a basic product to sell, try to give your visitors something to read and look at. A regular flow of articles and posts will also help you in search engine ranking, and videos, free stuff to download and other things will keep visitors busy and interested.

4. Intuitive Navigation

This goes hand-in-hand with point 2. When a visitor hits your site he doesn’t want to have to learn how to use it. With more content it may be better to group links into categories. There is the unwritten three-click-rule that says that a visitor should not need more than three clicks to get to what he is looking for. Of course, this doesn’t always work, especially with larger sites. But you get the point. A more complex service site could use How-To and Help pages, maybe even instructional videos. People love to watch videos.

5. You Shall not Irritate Your Visitors

Go easy with what you throw at the visitor. Don’t overwhelm them with colors and contrasts, images and texts. There is a big overuse of stock images and jargon. Try to avoid making the visitor feel dumb and out of place. Remember points 1. and 2. in this regard.

6. Be Perfect

Nobody is perfect, but your site should try to be. That means always check for errors and dead links or missing images. This is particularly important for catalogs. Spelling and lingo should also be as good as can be. This also connects with point 10.

7. It’s All About The Google

They don’t call it the Googlenet yet, but we’re getting there. Google has established the net’s search criteria and is now the Big Guy on the playground. Your site needs to obey the rules. Your site has to fit with the prevalent SEO standards so it can rank well in search results. Once you are up to par with Google you will also fit in well with the other search engines, such as Bing and Yahoo.

8. Be Social: Go Hug A Customer

Connect with social media sites. Facebook, Twitter and so on. You depend on the visitors to share and pass on your information and services. Also, keep in touch with your clients and prospective customers. Answer questions and be awesome. People always come back to those that were nice to them, and social media is a great way to be a Nice Guy.

9. Be Mobile

Make your site responsive, meaning it automatically adapts itself to browser-window sizes. This means then that your page is accessible from phones and tablets. The future of the internet lies in mobility: anywhere, anytime, anyplace. Make sure your site is up for that.

10. No Rest For The Webmaster

Your site is never finished. Always keep updating it, checking your stats, changing things, adding new things. A web site is like a store: you can’t just open the doors and hope the customers walk in and leave you money. You need to update your inventory, clean it out, give it a new paint-job if its getting worn, keep in touch with clients and keep your codes up-to-date.

And, as always, for further research be sure to check out Wikipedia and it’s associated links.